Maintaining the Crime Scene

To ensure the crime scene remains intact exactly as is, a log of all who enter the area is kept. Photographs provide comprehensive views of the crime scene, including evidence that is not always clear to the eye at first glance. This visual record is vital in prosecuting criminal cases.


Exact measurement of the scene can also be helpful in recreating a crime. Thus, investigators strive to provide as accurate as possible a sketched view of the area.

Microscopic Evidence

Even microscopic particles of evidence must be collected and labeled for further evaluation. Trace evidence - hair, clothes, skin, dirt, dust, carpet fibers, and similar items - can be the key factor in breaking a case.

Maintaining, Returning & Destroying Evidence

All evidence is transferred to the Evidence Room, where it is secured and protected until the case goes to court. Items requiring further lab work are disseminated, while others are specially stored to protect the integrity of the evidence. Once a case is complete, Crime Scene is also responsible for destroying or returning the evidence.

Additional Information

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