Crime Mapping

"A well-informed public has always been an essential element in the St. Charles Parish Sheriff’s Office fight against crime. Offering crime awareness through is an excellent communication channel between the Sheriff’s Office and St. Charles Parish residents.”  - Sheriff Greg Champagne

Residents are able to subscribe to this free service at

The St. Charles Parish Sheriff’s Office is empowering area citizens to build a stronger and safer community by providing them with an interactive Web site that will enable them to map out crime activity either by neighborhood or near their residence. Users will be able to subscribe to Crime Alerts and receive via e-mail updates when new crimes occur. Law enforcement staff can also reach out to active citizens through the subscription service by sending out crime tips as well as bulletins.  Please note that crime reports displayed on the Crime Mapping system occur once the reports are approved by the reporting officer’s supervisor. While most reports will appear within 24 hours, in some instances, it may take 36 hours for approval.