Auto, Supplemental & Juveniles Reports

Auto Accident Reports

Motor Vehicle Crash Investigative Reports are not public record (see La R. S. 32:398) but can be released to the parties involved, owners of property effected, and/or their representatives (insurers, attorney’s representing parties, etc.).

Supplemental Reports

As stated above, supplemental or investigative reports are privileged and shall not be released. The only exceptions are supplemental reports detailing property damaged, lost, stolen, or recovered.

Reports Involving Juveniles

Any arrest report of a juvenile or any incident report identifying a suspect who is a juvenile is considered privileged. These reports cannot be released without a court order.

Incident reports containing the identity of juveniles who were victims, witnesses, reporting persons, complainants, or persons interviewed are public record. However, the identifiers of any juvenile shall be stricken or blacked out (utilizing a thick black marker) from all places in which the identifiers appear on any incident report.

Additional Information

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