Program Highlights

Students who fight will be:
  • Arrested when probable cause exists
  • Handcuffed and taken into custody by law enforcement officers
  • Required to perform a minimum of 10 hours of community service outside of school hours
    • Students will perform various school improvement projects under the supervision of a school resource officer and/or other school personnel
  • Required to attend two conflict resolution session held on Saturdays
    • Parents will be required to be present following the final session
  • Required to appear in court with parents
  • Suspended and/or expelled from school


The bond for disturbing the peace by fighting is $250. Of this amount, $100 will be assessed as a reimbursement fee to the school system for funding the conflict resolution program. The remaining $150 will be reimbursed upon satisfactory completion of the two conflict resolution classes, the court appearance, and performance of 10 hours of community service.

Additional Information

For more information, please contact Lieutenant James Hebert at 985-758-7537.