Crime Victim Assistance


The current Crime Victim Assistance staff consists of Lieutenant Clint Patterson, Sergeant Lonnie Senior, Corporal Gwen Jennings,and Renee Chester-Martin.


The overall objective is to improve the manner in which law enforcement personnel treat victims. This can have a tremendous impact on victims' willingness to cooperate with investigations and the prosecution of cases, as well as possibly increase their overall satisfaction with the criminal justice system.

In addition, services that law enforcement personnel can provide for victims can substantially impact their ability to recover both physically and emotionally from the aftermath of a crime.

Contacting Victims

Victim assistance coordinators and advocates will call all applicable victims who file a police report. This is not limited to those mandated by the state. A letter will be sent if contact by phone is not possible and if the situation deems it appropriate (i.e., domestic violence cases). 

The Sheriff’s Office also partners with the United Way of St. Charles for the Crisis Assistance Program.

Licensed Counselors

Our patrol officers can request the dispatch of a licensed counselor to come out to the scene of a secure incident and assist the victim or family of the victim of violent crimes or the unusual incidents that could warrant a professional counselor. The patrol officer is then free to continue his duty of investigating the incident.

This endeavor is made possible through a partnership between United Way and the St. Charles Parish Sheriff’s Office. This counselor will stay with the victim or victim’s family as along as needed and provide follow-up with the victim or family.