Duties & Purpose


The patrol shifts respond to all calls for service and traffic-related incidents, as well as actively patrol the community. Patrol deputies also appear in court, perform community relations activities such as Adopt-a-Senior, contact cards, business checks, clergy contacts, housing authority, and the Barments program. Deputies are also expected to be current with report writing, and provide medical assistance to those in need when on emergency calls.

Sheriff's deputies also may be called upon to assist people with civil law matters. Following most crimes, they are the initial investigators, a role that they retain in cases involving misdemeanor crimes.

In addition to these normal functions, Patrol assists other entities of the Sheriff's Office with either manpower or information.


Active patrols police their various beats in order to deter crime and take appropriate action to enforce state and parish laws when a crime has been or is about to be committed. Patrol shifts also actively enforce all state and parish traffic laws in order to prevent loss of life and property.

Additional Information

For more information, please call (985) 783-1145.