Creation & General Information


Juvenile offenders facing detention are getting a last chance courtesy of a newly established probation project. The brainstorm of the 29th Judicial District Court, the program is designed to level accountability-based sanctions against the parish's growing number of young people ages 10 to 16 that commit misdemeanor crimes. It addresses a number of social skills common to juvenile offenders - school truancy and absenteeism, drug abuse, vandalism, theft, violence, ungovernable behavior, curfew violations, and runaways.

Probation Officer Duties

Whether the juvenile has been assigned probation or community service, it is certain that Lieutenant Sampson will be carefully watching him or her. "My job is to monitor (juvenile offenders') every movement. As a probation officer I am an advocate of the court. On a daily bases the probation Officer is to monitor attendance at school, discipline at school, home, monitor extra activities such as counseling, and make sure the juvenile obeys the curfew given by the courts. The probation officer is to try and help get the juvenile to better their life.

Purpose of Program

Address the problems of student truancy and absenteeism, to reduce the use and dependency on drugs by monitoring and reporting compliance for drug treatment, Prevent and reduce property crimes, Monitor community service program, and Prevent the juvenile from breaking any laws.
Together, the courts, social service organizations, and schools hope to impact the probationers' lives.

Additional Information

For more information on the Juvenile Probation Program or to reach Lieutenant Sampson call (985) 783-6237.