Juvenile Investigations


Detectives assigned to the Juvenile Investigations Division investigate crimes against juveniles and crimes committed by juveniles.  Crimes against children include sexual and physical abuse and child exploitation. Due to the sensitive and unique needs of juvenile victims, Detectives receive specialized training in handling child sexual and physical abuse cases to ensure a thorough investigation from the beginning to prosecution. Additionally, the Juvenile Investigation Division is comprised of two Child Forensic Interviewers. These Interviewers are highly skilled and trained in conducting interviews of children who are victims of sexual and physical abuse and those children who have witnessed a violent crime.

Detectives also investigate crimes committed by juveniles, including any crime that can be committed by an adult.  Additionally, detectives investigate any unexpected death of a child.  Detectives work closely with O.C.S. (Office of Community Services), investigating child neglect and abuse cases.  Detectives also investigate status offenses committed by juveniles.  Status offenses are any offense that would not be considered a crime if committed by an adult such as truancy, runaway, curfew and ungovernable.

In the safety and protection of our children, Detectives urge residents to contact the Juvenile Investigations Division at any time, if you have knowledge of any child being abused or neglected while remaining anonymous.

Compliance Checks

The JID works with the Louisiana State Bureau of Alcohol and Tobacco in conducting compliance checks throughout the parish.   These compliance checks are done to prevent the unlawful sale of alcohol and tobacco to minors. 

JID also conducts compliance checks on all registered sex offenders in St. Charles Parish. If a sex offender is deemed to be non-compliant, Detectives investigate those cases and take necessary enforcement action.