The combination of counseling, education, work experience, and life skills development better prepares inmates to reintegrate and become productive members of society once they are released.

GED Program

The St. Charles Parish Nelson Coleman Correctional Center in cooperation with the St. Charles Parish Schools offers a GED program for inmates. Over 75% complete at least one educational functioning level and 25%-30% receive their GEDs annually.

Project Transition Programs

The facility provides a host of other programs including Project Transition, a cooperative effort including:
  • Madere Children’s Advocacy Center
  • St. Charles Community Health Center
  • St. Charles Parish Sheriff’s Office
  • United Way
Project Transition prepares inmates for re-entry into the community.


The facility also provides regular classes for inmate development such as Alcoholics Anonymous, anger management classes, and various other self-improvement programs. 

Additional Programs

For information about the outreach, work, and work release programs, please view Outreach and Work Programs. In the future we hope to add a vehicle maintenance shop incorporating inmate labor and a horticulture and agriculture program for inmates.