Tax Collection & Licenses


The Tax Collection branch of the Civil Division consists of four full-time support personnel who prepare and send notices from the annual tax rolls for collection on property located in St. Charles Parish. The tax roll is changed by orders received from the Louisiana Tax Commission.

The Sheriff's Office staff researches taxes by request. This division also issues tax certificates verifying property tax payments.

Funds received from tax collections are balanced and deposited daily. Disbursements are made monthly to various taxing bodies. The tax roll is balanced and audited annually by independent auditors.

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Tax Sales

Tax sales are held annually. Advertisements are listed in the parish's legal journal. Purchasers must attend tax sales. The method of payment is cash or check and is required at the time of purchase. Property owners have 3 years to redeem their property from the date that the sale is filed with the Clerk of Court's Office.


This office also issues occupational licenses, alcoholic beverage licenses, taxi-cab permits and bingo permits. Certain requirements must be met before licenses can be issued. Collections are balanced weekly and remitted to the appropriate entities on a monthly basis. For more information, please visit Licenses.

Door-to-Door Solicitation Permits

Religious and non-profit groups are not required to apply for door-to-door permits.  However, commercial groups are required to apply for and provide proof of their permit upon request.  Take a moment to review what a valid permit looks like here.  If you suspect that a commercial solicitor is unauthorized, please call us at (985) 783-6237. 

Collections & Use

The Tax Division collected and distributed over 167 million dollars during the fiscal year ending June 30, 2018 for taxes, licenses, and permits. Of this amount, 30 million dollars was distributed to the Law Enforcement District.