Automated Records Management & Mapping System

Purpose & Benefits

In an effort to reduce the use of paper documents, the Information Technology (IT) Division is striving to automate records management wherever possible. There are many advantages to using an automated information system, including:
  • Reducing time spent tracking paper trails
  • Making data quickly available to those on the network
  • Ensuring that the sheriff's office's operations are quickly restored in the event of a disaster (since information is stored off-site)


The sheriff’s Automated Records Management and Mapping System (ARMMS) is utilized by deputies in the field and makes massive volumes of data readily available to assist them in conducting investigations and otherwise serving the citizens.

ARMMS also enables officers to transmit reports via a data radio network and several wireless access points. Shift supervisors now have access to this information in real time, which provides deputies with immediate feedback. Electronic transmissions have eliminated the need to input the data manually.

Additional Information

For more information, please call (985) 783-6237.